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Josh Murphy                                        Photographer

When I first became interested in photography I started out with an entry level DSLR and a kit lens. It offered more options than a point-and-shoot but it was nothing to write home about. Even with that entry level camera I learned there is a difference between a picture and a photograph.


As I became more proficient and experienced I took to wildlife photography. I loved everything about it, being outdoors, tracking the animals, and capturing those once in a life time moments that mesmerize people.

It wasn't until I was hired to photograph a birthday party that I realized the enjoyment of portrait photography. I saw the joy it brought people seeing their loved ones in beautiful images and how happy it made them to have those memories captured. It's a wonderful feeling to put a smile on someones face through my images.

For years now I have continuously worked to hone my skills, learn new techniques, and push myself to create magnificent images. I shoot what I know to capture beautiful moments and step outside the box to explore the possibilities. It's the smiles of others that pushes me to continue doing what I do.

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